Ing. Kateřina Juríkováreiki mistryně, masérka
a průvodkyně zdravým životem


A healthy back without pain. Life without unnecessary stress. Bring joy back into your love life.

These are all areas where I can help you.

I have been working with reiki energy for ten years now. I have also attended classical masseur training, including advanced courses (reflexology foot massage, honey massage, lava stone massage, etc.). Thanks to the reiki study, I also have a very soft technique of painless backbone splicing, which delivers immediate relief, not only in the back area.


What people have said about me
After just one visit to Katka, the hard pain in the shoulder joint that has plagued me for months has disappeared. It’s been a few days now, and I feel great overall – the pain in my arms from being permanently overloaded with PC work has also gone. I want to visit Katka for care regularly – both because “it works”, and also for the enjoyable experience. Unlike some other therapists, Katka works in an absolutely non-violent way, which is the right way for me.

Naděžda Hošťálková, Přeštice


Before my first session with Katka, I suffered from migraines, that nothing would help. My daughter therefore booked a session for me, and immediately after the first visit, I felt great relief. My migraines have retreated considerably, and I can work normally. Katka really has “golden hands”.

Jana Mikulíková, Strašice

Katka’s massage worked wonders: my mind (soul) was calmed and merged with the body. Unfortunately, this feeling cannot be described well, it can only be experienced … Her gentle, yet intense touch brought me into total harmony of body and soul, and I just hope to keep this feeling for as long as possible. When it starts to fade, I’ll look forward to another treatment.

Veronika Dezortová, Beroun

How does a typical session look?

  • Procedure is similar to massage, but without the use of oils
  • First, you lie on your stomach on the massage table, preferably only in your underwear (women without bra) – for your comfort
  • After approximately half an hour, you turn over onto your back so that we can fine-tune the whole healing process
  • All the time you are covered with a pleasantly soft blanket
  • If any of the above is uncomfortable for you, just let me know at the beginning of your session
  • If you wish to talk during the treatment, we can speak English; or we can also keep silent – it’s entirely up to you

How much will I pay for a session?
The first visit is 700 CZK/h (or 30 EUR). Regular care with a frequency of 1 x monthly to 1 x every 6 weeks is financially advantageous, and costs 600 CZK/h (or 25 EUR). For a three-hour session with deeper relaxation, you would pay 1,400 CZK (or 55 EUR).

How can I book?
Give me a call today, on: +420 775 033 095 or write to me at:

Where can you find me in Strašice?
Are you coming to visit me for the first time? Take a look at the map (Strašice, district Rokycany, near the D5 motorway connecting Prague and Pilsen). You will find me in the middle of the village, between the municipal office and the premises of the former barracks, behind the pharmacy, take the first turning through the narrow alleyway to the right. In Google maps, enter Strašice 399 (adjacent house in the same garden). Walk through the gates and ring the doorbell of the white house at the back of the garden – Strašice 671.

You can print out a healing picture.pdf. You can also laminate the picture without reducing its effectiveness.

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